Level 5 Learning and Skills Teacher (Sept 2024)

The broad purpose of the occupation is to ensure that students achieve the best possible knowledge, skills and behaviours. Learning and Skills Teachers do this by planning and delivering teaching that is current, comprehensive and challenging, and that inspires students to engage, progress and achieve their full potential.

This occupation is found in all parts of the Further Education and Skills Sector (FES), usually in settings where students are aged 16 and above (a small number of teachers may teach 14–16 year olds in alternative provision). The majority of Further Education, Learning and Skills Teachers will work in FE colleges (whether general or specialist), independent training providers (ITPs), Adult Community Learning (ACL) providers or offender learning.

A small number may work as trainers in large organisations. Teaching can be delivered at a range of levels including essential skills generally up to Level 3 including, academic, vocational and technical education, some teachers may deliver subjects up to post-graduate level; it will also cover a broad range of both academic and technical subject/sector areas. Many Learning and Skills Teachers are dual professionals drawing on their technical and vocational as well as academic experience and qualifications to provide a high-quality learning experience.

An employee in this occupation is responsible for helping to prepare each of their students for progression to/or within employment or to further study. To deliver this to a diverse group of students, including those with special educational needs, a Learning and Skills Teacher needs to be flexible, innovative, and adaptable, changing their behaviour and teaching style to suit the environment and level of their students. A Learning and Skills Teacher needs to have a sound understanding of pedagogy and regularly engage with robust evidence of effective teaching and learning methods and practice relevant to their subject area(s). A Learning and Skills Teacher typically has significant autonomy and needs to demonstrate consistently high standards of personal and professional conduct and is accountable for their professional development. A Learning and Skills Teacher may be responsible for the managing of others, as well as managing budgets.

Key FactsDuty AreasWhat could this qualification lead to?
  • Taught Blended Workshops
  • Named Assessor
  • Assessment of practice
  • Portfolio of evidence produced
  • Dedicated resources
  1. Promote a passion for learning and set high expectations of all students and support their personal and skills development
  2. Maintain a focus on outcomes, for all students, so that they recognise the value of their learning and the future opportunities available to them .
  3. Demonstrate, maintain and evidence excellent pedagogy, subject, curriculum and industry knowledge and practice
  4. Plan, deliver and evaluate effective evidence-informed teaching using assessment, relevant systems and safe use of technology to support learning
  5. Work in a manner that values diversity, and actively promote equality of opportunity and inclusion by responding to the needs of all students
  6. Model professional relationships with students, colleagues and stakeholders that support the highest quality education and training
  7. Work within professional boundaries, legal and ethical standards to set clear expectations for engaging in learning for all students
  8. Undertake relevant roles and duties and model sustainable practices, having regard to professional standards, demonstrating resilience and adaptability when dealing with challenge and change
  9. Support students with their next steps for progression and learning by providing appropriate information, advice, and guidance

This qualification allows candidates to progress into employment or to the following apprenticeship standards:

  • Level 6 Teacher.


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