All of our Apprenticeships have clear overviews of the components that make up the curriculum for the required Apprenticeship.

We hope that it will give apprentices an overview of how we have planned out what has to be done. This has been done by looking at the requirements laid down by the apprenticeship standard, talking with employer organisation and listening to what apprentices have to say.

The curriculum will show how we are going to do what needs to be done. Addressing such things as:

  • Workshops
  • Review processes
  • Assessment plans
  • Gathering evidence – Skills, Behaviours & Knowledge

End Point Assessment will be included within the curriculum plan, with all of the apprentices learning leading towards providing them with all of the skills, behaviours and knowledge they will need to facilitate this.

Running throughout the curriculum will be the journey with us; from the initial enquiry through to the completion of the standard, we will be working with and supporting the apprentice – focusing not just on the apprenticeship but career progression. For example, will the apprentice be promoted on completion of the apprenticeship or will the level of responsibility within their job role increase? Maybe they are looking to go on to university or start another Apprenticeship? We can provide advice and support with all of this and more.

The curriculum will also support the apprentices own health and wellbeing so activities and resources will be available to them throughout the apprenticeship to support. The named assessor can help with this at any time.

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