Varsity Training is run by professional educators, qualified health and social care practitioners and private sector providers. Here’s what people say about us.

It’s amazing what I’ve learnt and how far I’ve come. The tutors have given me confidence and support and I’ve loved every minute! ☺ Hannah Rawl, Health Care Assistant

Thank you so much – I found you both so approachable and supportive. My manager has said to me that it has been so good to see me grow with knowledge and confidence during my time with you and I couldn’t have done it without you guys’ support – academic work is not my strong point!  Georgina

Carol and Del are very knowledgeable in their fields that they teach. They are true professionals and are very attentive to students’ needs.  Both are very approachable and nothing is too much trouble. They teach to a very high standard, making sure students understand all information at individual levels.  Their teaching methods are professional yet fun, but always educational and able to keep everyone focused and engaged.Sarah Channing

One thing that really sticks in my mind about Carol’s lessons was how she encouraged us to have a discussion about the subject which made the lessons interesting. The first assignment I had to complete was for the module that Carol taught. Having not reached my potential at school and being a mature student this was a daunting task for me. But with Carol’s teaching, support and encouragement I enjoyed researching and writing the essay and gained a great mark. This experience and result gave me the confidence boost and belief that I could actually do this. I went on to graduate and I am currently studying for my degree in adult nursing which is my life-long ambition.Ella Hicks

I had a dream to attend University.. I never asked as I knew my parents couldn’t afford it. With your support, this was a perfect opportunity for me even if it was 11 years later. You have given me hope, self-belief and an inner determination I never knew I had, and also a different view of the world and the people in it.Semira Kiss

Del and Carol really know how to make a mature student feel at ease, they are born educators who have a natural ability to relate learning down to a personal level and make it meaningful and engaging for the learner. I thoroughly enjoyed their lectures, they have given me the confidence to continue my learning journey and follow my dreams.Naomi Dawson

From my initial interview, all the way through to completing the programme, Carol and Del have always been approachable, supportive and always ready to help their students any way they could. Their passion for the subject really shows in their teaching style and ability to draw you into the subject.  Carol and Del were always willing to give helpful feedback and knew how to get the best out of their students, truly a great couple with lots to give to the health and social care industry.Carla Street

Carol’s approach to subjects made them easy to understand.   She is an amazing lecturer, gave me all her support when I was going through a very difficult time in my family life; happy to accommodate my needs; always very approachable and happy to go an extra mile to make sure you do understand the subjects and the requirements needed for the assignments. Not very often we come across with lecturers like that!
If it wasn’t for Carol I’m sure I would not have finished the programme, and done so well!
A massive Thank You Carol for not let me give up!Marcia Ribeiro

Our first unit was a subject I wasn’t very confident with, but Carol’s knowledge, passion, skills as a teacher, and just as a person made the whole subject a privilege. She made the sessions memorable and had a wealth of experience to relate theory to. I can honestly say without Carol’s enthusiasm and genuine passion for her job, I don’t think I would have passed the module. Thanks Carol, you are a star xx.Emma Collins

Carol was an amazing teacher when she taught me; she took her time explaining and was also very good at mixing up the lesson a bit by adding activities in, as this helped us to remember the different theories etc.  If there was something I didn’t understand, she would always go back over it or even took time at the end of the lesson to speak to us 1:1. She delivered the knowledge at a pace where it was comfortable for us all. Carol is a very kind approachable person,  she is patient and these are very important attributes to have.  I very much looked forward to Carol teaching, as every time I learned something from her.Lauren Thorne

I was taught by Carol during my study in health and social care. Carol would always interact well with the class, she would introduce games into the lesson, ensuring all students were involved and made learning fun. She would always find modern, interesting ways to teach to help us gain understanding during certain subjects along with demonstrations where possible. Carol would offer guidance and support throughout the course and if she felt not all students understood fully, she used different approaches. This always worked.  Fab tutor, couldn’t have asked for better!Vicky Turner

Del’s encouragement and teaching style allowed me to believe in my learning abilities and achieve the end result of passing my course. Carol has always shown enthusiasm in what she has taught which has made the learning experience a far more enjoyable one and for me made learning fun rather than a chore.Stacey Croll