What can Varsity Training offer employers?


The quality of management and caring provision is an unquestioned priority within organisations and the health care industry.   Both sectors place a key focus on workforce development as the major driver in maintaining and, where possible, improving standards. However, increasing cost constraints can make achieving these standards in a cost-effective manner seem like an impossible task.

More organisations are using management apprenticeships than ever before – and they provide the perfect opportunity to develop your staffs’ leadership skills at every level.

Varsity Training can help you achieve these goals and reach the standards you set, often at little or no extra cost.

Varsity Training can help in several important ways:

Little or no cost to the employer
The majority of training that we offer is at little or no cost, being funded by the Apprenticeship Levy.

Benefits to both staff and employers

We understand that employers need training to be of benefit to the student and to the organisation. That is why our team is highly experienced and trained in both management and the caring professions; being managers, company directors, qualified nurses, social workers and privately registered care-home owners and also qualified and skilled in education provision up to degree level. This ensures that knowledge is fully linked to practice.

Training with a strong practice component

Our range of nationally-recognised Apprenticeship Standards have strong practice components that allow our team to ensure that the skills and knowledge that students are taught, make them better practitioners in their work environment.

Sending out a message of your commitment to high standards

As the work environment continues to develop and as competition increases, it is more important than ever that an organisation is an attractive choice for future clients. Having a highly qualified and competent staff team – up to degree level equivalent – is one way of showing that you are committed to the high standards that clients are searching for.

This commitment to your team also reflects in staff retention as staff members feel valued and respected.

You can trust us to deliver; we have the experience and knowledge 

Over and above our teaching experience and qualifications, we have owned private residential homes, managed at senior levels within organisations, are experienced Company Directors, worked with and in the NHS and Social Services; this has enabled us to acquire a wealth of skills to offer employers who are looking to develop their workforce.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements that you may have or just to talk to us about what we could offer you and how we may help.
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