A full range of 6 Education & Training apprenticeships.

Graduation group

From September this year (2024) Varsity Training are expanding apprenticeship provision with a full range of education and training apprenticeships from level 3 to 5.  Specialist teacher training team members will head the provision with award winning credentials and a proven track record.

As with all Varsity Training apprenticeships we will work closely with both the employer and apprentice to ensure an apprenticeship that fits both the apprentice and the organisation.

Apprenticeships will be suited to a range of roles and employers from Practice Education Facilitators (PEFs)  in CIC’s & Acute Trusts, Teaching staff within Schools/Academy Trusts, Local Authorities, and Training Departments everywhere!

If you feel these apprenticeships will be of interest to your organisation, then please get in touch and we will arrange for one of our Education Team to contact you.