Meet the VT Team: Carol

Over the next few weeks, we are going to introduce you to the team behind Varsity Training. To kick us off, meet Carol,one of the VT Directors! Carol was one of the co-founders of Varsity Training back in 2015 and manages the business with Del.


How did you end up at Varsity Training? What jobs have you done beforehand?

‘ I worked in the Bristol Central Library, then worked with both Adults and Children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour for many years, then went into health and social care training an eventually set up Varsity 5 years ago.’ 


Why did you get into Health and Social Care?

‘ You can genuinely make a difference.’ 😊


Whats your idea of a perfect weekend?

 ‘Either a family weekend at Haven Holidays in a caravan on the coast

Or Family games, (and I have some GREAT ones!) watching ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ and a Chinese takeaway.’


If you had to pick a ‘final’ meal, what would it be? Start, Main and Desert, please! 

 ‘Would NEVER have a starter, a Chinese main, then a sticky toffee pudding or anything with marzipan in it!’


Do you have any pets and if so, what are their names?

 ‘Cody – 13 year old, black lab. Oldie, but goodie.  (Like Del!)’


Your favourite holiday destination?

 ‘New England in USA.’


. . . and finally, would you rather be able to talk to animals or be invisible? 

 ‘I would rather be invisible – for a very short time –  as our black lab Cody only talks about sausages, am sure of it!’